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Goodsearch helps us raise funds!

We are on YouTube!

Hey everyone, We have started a channel on Youtube. Here we will be putting videos of green energy ideas and interesting things going on in the lives of the people.

Just go to and in the search box type: sbhministry. Our videos should come up.

If you subscribe to our channel, you will recieve email notifications of new videos.

Leave us some comments. We love to hear from you!

Have fun...see the kids...share in our unique green ideas!

Barrel Windmill

Over the Thanksgiving break, we were able to get the roof onto the deck enterance for the second floor of the school. This meant that the barrel windmill that Bob had constructed could be installed.

The boys, Adan and Enrique, helped with roof and then with getting the barrel windmill into place. Bob now needs to spend time installing a pulley and old treadmill motor. This will hopefully spin with the wind and charge batteries.

Our goal is to find a system that could be made for $80. This will mean that families in the colonia can then afford to put a system at their homes. We would be able to teach them how to construct one and how to use it for power. They could hopefully have power for lights, a small tv, and a fan (needed during the hot weather).

We posted a short video on about the installation and will add more videos as Bob works on getting it to generate power.

 barrel windmill

Use this search box and earn money for SBH!

Windmill goes up!

Photo Feature

Finally, after weeks of waiting for the weather and Luis' schedule to coincide, the Air X marine windmill is up. The photo gallery gives you 14 views of the whole process.

What is really neat is that the windmill is charging the batteries on this cold dreary day. There has been no sun today and the solar panels are not charging. We just love standing there watching the blades spin around at the wind speed of 12 mph!

God has been so generous and this is one example of His blessings. Thank you, Father God!

Take a look at a Ministry book

Glenn Tompkins (Bob's father) has written and published a book with many helpful ideas for those in ministry. He began by emailing updates on his book and now here is a link for information on the printed version and you also may purchase it through clicking on this link.

We need your help!

Here is a list of items needed at this time:

20" bike tires AND TUBES for kids' bikes

Shoes for children, men, and women

Baby strollers

Over the counter medicines for adults (cold, cough, aches & pains)

Over the counter medicines for children (cold, cough, fever, pain)

Pots and pans


Dishes and cups

Bedding (sheets, pillows)

DVD that Spanish can be chosen as a spoken language and not rated R

Credit Card donation

We can receive donations through your credit card by using PayPal. By clicking on the "make a donation" button you will be sent to the PayPal site where you can make a donation of any size.

Solution Graphics

Buy a DVD, Support SBH Ministry

Fred Dunn, former mission team member, created "Regarding Chickens" DVD for those of you that are interested in raising chickens.

He has graciously offered to donate to SBH Ministry 100% of the proceeds!

This DVD has received a 5 star rating on Reading the customers' comments shows what an excellent DVD Fred has created.

Fred's directions for ordering are:
When ordering, just send a note with the purchase that simply says SBH. is the cheapest purchase price and the buyer has an option to send a note to the seller with their purchase.. again "sbh" is all that needs to be added
to that purchase.

CHECK IT OUT! Wouldn't this be a great gift for someone you know?? Don't forget to mention SBH Ministry when ordering.

Like to check out Fred's website?

Donate in a unique way!

Quick update:  So far, people using GoodSearch in the ministry's name have earned over $5.00 in about a month.  Every little bit helps!  I have used this search engine and been pleased with the results!Along with writing grant proposals, we have been searching for ways to reach out to all the ministry's supporters through the internet.  The button below is one way to do just that.  When you use GoodSearch you earn money for God's work in Mexico...building the Vocational Training School, Christmas celebration, music outreach, movie night, baby ministry, school supplies...On GoodSearch you can also shop through GoodShop that has many, many national retailers, but a donation is given to Serve & Build Hope Ministry when you shop through their window.  I hope I am explaining it right.  Check it out...I think you may be happy...and it helps the ministry.GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Mission Team Handbook

mission team handbook

If I did the "computer stuff" right, you can now access the Handbook by clicking the link above.

We have developed a handbook to help teams prepare spiritually and solidify as a team. The handbook also contains information concerning challenges that may be experienced in Mexico during the week. All necessary paperwork is found in the back of the handbook.

To receive a hard copy, you can contact us by phone, mail, or email. The handbook is free to a team who has booked a week with us in Mexico. The cost is $5.00 for postage and handling if you have not booked a mission week

Want to send a group?

What is the first step to sending a group for a short-term mission trip? PRAY! Listen to God's will on where He wants you to serve.

Interested in bringing a mission team? Have questions about what it really means to bring a team? Here are few keys points to keep in mind:

1. Most open dates are during June and July. We work to pay our bills and these months are the “vacation” months.
2. We house mission teams in Mexico and try to give some type of colonia living experience. We do not have air conditioning or refrigeration. 12-volt power and outhouses are used .
3. The cost per person is $525 which does not include your travel to Southern Texas. Once here, the fee covers travel from the airports, tolls, housing, food for the week, material for the projects, tools, some VBS materials, and pay for women to cook and do laundry for the group.

We offer a week of serving Christ in Mexico, as well as a time for spiritual growth. Devotions and reflections each night help in letting the Holy Spirit work in your life.

For more details, see costs and details in the left navigation bar.

Info on the web page tool bars

Please note that the top tool bar with churches, etc. listed is from the website host, not from Serve & Build Hope Ministry.

We offer the left and right navigation bar and some of the links. The message and links on the left bar are also from the website host.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have.

news update and school supplies 2011

I have not updated our web site for a long time. I spend time updating facebook and you tube. For up to date news please check out these two sites.

We hae school supplies ready togo for Saturday. We again will be able to help around 200 kids. Even though the economy has been slow, donations have been given to fill bags with notebooks, pencils, pens, sharpeners, erasers and the like. We even are able to give 2gb flashdrives to those in the technical high school and tow going to universities.

May god bless all of you.

PS: SCHOOL UPDATE: the second floor classroom is almost done. The floor needs to be finished, i.e. painted. Hopefully classes can begin in October.

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